Discover the beauty of this misterious country, the Sultanate of Oman with White Oryx

Company profile

White Oryx Travel & Tourism L.L.C continues to strive to be one of the largest travel & tourism companies in the Sultanate of Oman. We are part of WORLD ENTERPRISES Group L.L.C (W.T.E) a unique group of companies that operates in several fields. We have the infrastructure, the manpower and the approach to deal with individual identities, provide unparalleled service, which is without comparison anywhere in the region.
White Oryx Travel & Tourism was established over a decade ago, and since then it has grown from strength to strength. We are proud to be the agent of  Thai Airways, Air France, Cathay Pacific, United Airlines, Kuwait Airways, Royal Brunei, Saudia and many more. We have been the Gold Award winners several times of Gulf Air, British Airways, KLM, Emirates, Air India, Thai and Cathay Pacific.

White Oryx translates into better rates for our valuable customer. Our esteemed clients will now be able to maximize the world travel-routing opportunities while maintaining your flexibility and minimizing your costs. We assured you that every phase of your journey will through easily and so pleasantly that you will never again associate planning a holiday with stress.

Why White Oryx Travel & Tourism?


The Reservation and Information system is set up with the most advanced technology. Through Sabre-over-the-Net, we are Internet connected on an online real time basis with all our Oman offices, hooked up to a broadband leased line circuit. The entire reservation data base is funneled through an interface gateway to an Oracle 9i based software package in the back office to produce a wealth of information reports to facilitate lightning responses on airline reports and travel data..

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Our Staff

White Oryx Travel & Tourism has highly trained qualified, always smiling and courteous staff. At the White Oryx Travel and Tourisms’ offices, SERVICE is always spelt with capital letters. We are proud of a staff force that can claim all these qualities. Our staff strength is always increasing to meet the market requirements and has a wealth of airline training/certification of the highest standard. Individual personnel servicing your account are completely trained in Travel Consultancy and will offer you numerous alternatives to arrive at your destinations, as well as offer you the best package to fit you requirement and budget.

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Our clientele service

We have an impressive range of Government and Commercial and Private Accounts where we have rendered the service of Travel Consultancy year after year with remarkable results. Through planned fare construction and thorough understanding of IATA resolutions, we are in a position to advise you of the most effective manner and method of transportation to deliver your officials to their destinations.

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Whether it is a cancellation, amendment or re-booking travel arrangements at any time, prior to or after departure from the base country, it is not a problem for us. Being the GSA of so many airlines and with our business partners dotting the globe, we have productive commercial contacts at virtually every station. Whether it is an amendment or a re-issue of a ticket, or change of itinerary, help is just a phone call or e-mail away. Our entire sales team is equipped with cell phones and is ALWAYS AVAILABLE even on public holidays.

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Airport Facilities

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Car Rental Facility

With a map in your hand and wheels under your feet, your holiday or business trip takes on a different perspective. With our help, you can simply drive out of the airport anywhere you want. We have a network of internationally renowned as well as local rental agencies linked to our company to provide you with your personal preference with your class of vehicle rental. The Sultanate of Oman accepts most national driving licenses as well as the international driving license.

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Other Services

We will be proud to serve you in any way we can to make your stay as smooth, relaxing and unforgettable. At White Oryx Travel & Tourism our client always comes first. Please feel free to contact us at anytime.

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